To immerse your guests in an unforgettable atmosphere, you must pay particular attention to the choice of entertainment for of your evening. In order for your party to be successful, everything must be well orchestrated between music, lighting, projections, games and many more.

Every element counts. Then you need a good material and a talented host.

SYNC Productions takes care of everything as it relates to the entertainment as to guarantee the best atmosphere for your event. For over three decades, we have put our professionalism and creativity to work as to ensure your satisfaction.

To meet your needs, we have developed complete offers for all your Quebec holidays. Between the rental of a DJ and various evening entertainment, we do our best to organize an evening to that fits your image.

Visual animations

Audiovisual equipment is one of the essential elements that make for a successful evening. SYNC Production offers you quality equipment to stream images, videos and lighting to personalize your event.

Lighting system
Like in nightclubs, the play of light can create an electrifying atmosphere. To captivate your guests during a corporate event or a happy hour for example, renting lighting is a must.

This tool is essential, especially in corporate event planning. Great for all your parties, you can broadcast images or videos (as a surprise to the honored guest of the evening for example).

SYNC Productions offers the rental of powerful projectors for your guests enjoyment.

The screens

In terms of screen rentals, SYNC Productions invites you to choose between several models, based on your needs. You can opt for a giant screen for a spacious reception room, the visual effects will only be more impactful.

LED wall

Technologies are changing day-by-day. The LED wall is no longer the prerogative of only big artists and professional shows. This equipment is at your fingertips thanks to SYNC Productions’ LED screen rental service. It will allow you to display informative content and / or broadcast live speaker during a presentation, as to not skip out on any details.

The musical animations


Sound system
Musical entertainment requires renting a sound system. SYNC Productions offers you all the necessary equipment to ensure a perfect evening: cables, microphones, amplifiers, speakers and many more…

SYNC Productions has its own artistic division with several groups of professional artists that would make a perfect fit for your events. To elevate the musical entertainment of your corporate event, songs of all styles and eras are slated so that everyone can immerse themselves in the party atmosphere. Depending on the theme of your party, you have the choice between several artists according to their style of music: jazz, country, pop rock, RnB …

DJ / VJ service
DJs are there to liven up your evenings with music that matches your theme and preferences. At SYNC Productions, they are classified in several categories based on their style and expertise so that their services fully meet your expectations. You can always tell them your special requests you want to played.

For even greater entertainment, our DJs will provide a display of images and videos that are synchronized to the rhythm of the music. This concept guarantees intense moments that will remain etched in the memory of your guests. 

Nonwithstanding the DJ’s talent, the success of the evening is also reliant upon the quality of the equipment and SYNC Productions guarantees top quality equipment.

To learn about pricing for our DJ entertainment services and other features, please contact us directly.

Evening entertainers

Beyond our sound and lighting displays, the entertainers of SYNC Productions show just as much dynamism and originality. We pull out all the stops to captivate the attention of your guests during corporate events, like a gala for example.

We also recommend our hosts and presenters who will intervene at the appropriate time to make important announcements. As with all other elements of your party, you give us your preferences in advance, we take care of implementing your needs and requirements.

The decor

The SYNC Productions ambiance creation department uses various accessories to embellish the reception area and enhance your evening. Small details can make all the difference: whether it be on the tables, the walls and even the floor or the ceiling …

Notwithstanding the decorative pieces and ornaments, furniture also plays an important role in creating an atmosphere for the room. Also, opting to have a personalized station, it will attract the attention of your guests, be it a candy bar, an ice cream bar, an oxygen bar or a photo booth.

Outdoor event

Your event is taking place outside? Our projectors and speakers are powerful enough to broadcast an outdoor movie or sporting event.

If you want to organize a team building event, we offer several outdoor activities for companies. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

In any case, SYNC Productions offers a marquee rental service to host your festivities.


For some time now, photobooths have become an indispensable party attraction. SYNC Productions has different models of photobooths perfect for different settings. Ensure that your guests will remember this moment for a long time. In any case, it will elevate your photo album.

Capturing highlights

Thanks to our team of photographers and event videographers, you can keep precious memories of the best moments from your evening. A specific schedule can be established in advance to ensure that every important moment of your event is immortalized.

In addition to photos taken on the spot, you can also submit specific requests such as portraits or group photos.

SYNC Productions offers complete services to ensure the smooth progress of your events. Contrary to popular belief, the entertainment of your evening is not just about the person who is hosting your event or the one who is in charge of the music. It’s a the whole package that contributes to the success of your celebration. The decoration, the light, the atmosphere … every detail is important.

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