SYNC is an event agency in charge of creating and managing corporate events such as conferences, galas, fundraisers, inaugurations, brand activations, anniversaries, cocktails and other types of celebrations.

As a part of our turnkey solutions and given the various related services we offer, we can take care of planning every aspect of a corporate event. Therefore, you can trust us with the entire planning of your corporate event and our team of committed professionals will oversee everything from start to finish. Share your thoughts with us and we’ll create a custom event tailor-made to your preferences.

We leave nothing to chance. When you entrust us with your event, you can rest assured that we’ll put together a successful, well-organized event fit for the occasion.

It’s important to plan ahead in order to make your event a success. You’ll have many decisions you’ll need to outline going forward but thankfully we can take care of all the necessary bookings, rentals and planning all the while keeping your wishes at the top of our priorities.

When it comes to organizing an event, you must first decide on the date, venue and an estimated number of guests. Is it an indoor or outdoor setting? If it’s outdoors, you may want to consider renting tents.

What is your inspiration in terms of menu and decor? The choice of food, table presentation, mood and ambiance must all be perfectly aligned with the theme and aesthetic in order to bring your event to life.

How do you wish to entertain your guests? It will depend on the desired mood or vibe. We can provide you with both the talent manpower & equipment for to meet all your needs: AV rentals ranging from sound to screen, lighting rentals, live talent and performers comprised of DJ / VJ entertainers, live bands, artists, circus acts and more …

Once everything is meticulously planned, SYNC’s team of seasoned professionals are on-site on D-Day to make sure everything runs smoothly and to troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

Corporate Event Planning Services

SYNC Productions is renowned for its high quality services. Our efficient experiential marketing and services are designed to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. We have you covered for every single type of corporate event you have coming up.

SYNC’s core mandate is to organize all types of corporate events. These special events can be geared for various audiences, such as external partners. They can also help strengthen your brand’s visibility and promote business relations.

Whether it’s for a product or service launch, brand activation, promotional activity, press conference or mobilization event, we have the equipment and know-how to bring it to life.

*Along with our turnkey solutions, we create custom branded events complete with technical direction, entertainment and space design made specifically to fit your company’s image and philosophy.*

Corporate Holiday Parties & Cocktails

Corporate Holiday parties are a popular tradition in most companies as its always a great time of year to come together, celebrate and express gratitude for everyone’s hard work. Company cocktails are also a staple for quarterly celebrations, announcements and get-togethers. A more casual happy hour style event is also in our wheelhouse.

Both kinds of corporate events can be organized at lunch or dinnertime. The venue is always carefully chosen, keeping in mind the image of your company and the nature of the event.

We can take care of all the necessary arrangements and we also provide accessories like our Photobooth that will surely liven up the party and create lasting memories your guests will cherish. We also have original solos, duos, trios and bands for all your entertainment needs.
These are events that people look forward to and you can trust us to organize a fun-filled, well-planned event complete with all the fixings. Our dedicated professionals work together to guarantee the success of your party. Each person’s mandate is to contribute to the overall success of the event.

Employee & Team Building Events

Employees are at the core of a successful business. Events centered around employees are an effective way for management to express their appreciation and also provide an opportunity to strengthen team cohesion.

SYNC is skilled in the planning special team building events designed to foster group dynamics and team spirit. Whether it’s an employee appreciation dinner, team building event with activities geared around teamwork or any other type of corporate celebration, we’ll ensure that your employees have a great time all the while building solidified partnerships.

Galas, Fundraisers, Conferences & Conventions

SYNC Productions is the partner of choice for large scale gatherings such as Galas, Fundraisers, Conferences & Conventions. We understand that these events are mission-based from a business perspective and we’re able and equipped to fulfill these mandates.

Among some of our services, we can supply an LED Wall, customizable in size and we can take care of all the technical planning and rigging that goes into making your event a massive success. We also work with experienced speakers that can host your next dinner, award ceremony or interview red carpet Q&A.

Innovation, Experience & Originality

Thanks, to our years – decades in fact – of experience, we know what it takes to ensure quality event management. We’ve honed our skills in the events industry which is why we guarantee exceptional customer experience. Our services are innovative and our ideas are original.

As a part of our strategic planning, we understand that you want your corporate events to be original, fun and well-organized which is why we happily submit various themes, ideas and solutions to personalize your event and create a desired atmosphere.

Furthermore, you can rely on us to accompany you from start to finish to plan, organize and execute a successful event. Our experience makes all the difference.

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