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Custom Station | SYNC Productions

Custom Station

SYNC is a production company specializing in corporate events that promises its clients an extraordinary evening. If you wish to impress your guests, you can add some personal touches to the party.

You may want to add some flare with the decor or atmosphere but you may want to consider choosing also a personalized station that will definitely not disappoint.

Create a unique evening with our personalized stations

To make your evening unique, SYNC can create a personalized station that highlights the concept and theme of your evening. Custom stations tend to draw crowds and are a form of entertainment in their own right. Also, these types of attractions are growing in popularity, notably for corporate and private events.

When planning your next event and deciding on which kind of station you would like, we’ll happily discuss your preferences so we can suggest the best ideas for you. One thing is certain; your guests will be pleasantly surprised. Whether you opt for a Photobooth, gourmet sweet table or even an oxygen bar, they’re sure to leave with fond memories of your party.

The interactive booth

A photo machine is a full length mirror that allows you to take digital photos that are, in turn, printed instantaneously. The frame can be customized to your party with a chosen pattern and slogan. Each candid shot can be accessorized with playful disguises that are readily available for your amusement. Inquire about our modern photobooth and its options.

The sommelier station

Offer your guests the enjoyable experience of wine tasting and laughter at our sommelier station. Our event specialists will be happy to explain our various options. Add a palpable and distinguished touch to your next event and guarantee that it stands out from the rest. Feel free to ask us any questions or suggestions you may have when booking.

A candy bar or sweet table

Everyone loves indulging in a little decadence once in a while and parties are the best occasion to entice your guests to do so. We can set up a thematic, colorful, delicious and appealing feast for the eyes and appetite with either a customized candy bar or personalized sweet table.

And that’s not all.

We can even provide ice cream in a wide array of flavors. Watch your guests line up at a station too delicious to resist.

An oxygen bar

This personalized station has a simple goal: Allow your guests to enjoy a breath of fresh air and a moment of pure well-being. Everything is arranged so your guests can enjoy this unique station in a soothing and comfortable setting.

Ask our friendly staff for options with regards to our oxygen bar and how you can make it a part of your event.