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DJ Party and Event

Every celebration can be made entertaining and fun with great music and animation provided by a DJ who utilizes his talents to liven up any type of event. Whether it’s an inauguration, product launch or corporate party, our experienced DJs create a suitable atmosphere by mixing live a variety of musical genres (Jazz, RnB, Techno, Pop, Top 40, etc.) into a playlist designed to fit your mood and style.

At SYNC, we work exclusively with the absolute best in local talent and use only high-quality equipment to guarantee a professional and spectacular performance.

Why you need DJ & MC Entertainment for your event

The choice of venue, food and music are essential to the success of your event. Whether it’s for a corporate event or another type of gathering,

DJ entertainment will not only determine the pacing but will also help boost the energy and enjoyment level of your guests. It’s for this very reason that we recommend the services of our trusted professionals who have an extensive background in corporate and nightlife entertainment.

A Complete Service

SYNC’s team of DJs are skilled entertainers that will not only be in charge of the music but can also host a wide array of games and activities for your guests, such as karaoke. They’re also trained to work with lighting displays and strobe lights to create visually stunning light shows paired beautifully to the music, giving your event a nightclub-like feel and therefore adding to the fun.

In addition to visual special effects, SYNC allows you to choose from a vast selection of tracks that will surely meet your preferences and inspire you. From trendy lounge music to a nostalgic musical journey through the eras, our DJs are rich in knowledge and have an impressive repertoire that will complete your evening, according to your taste.


SYNC’s DJs have the talent, experience and know-how to liven up your evenings. They’re also expert MCs and can guarantee entertainment from beginning to end.

They are eloquent presenters and will happily make various announcements, speeches, introductions, greetings and congratulatory messages over the course of your event. Our professionals are experienced in the art of presentation can add a touch of seriousness or humor to your evening.

They engage with everyone of your guests all the while creating a fun-filled party atmosphere complete with music and games that will ensure everyone’s participation.

DJ, Video & Lighting Displays

Our DJs are equipped with state-of-the-art speakers, consoles and lighting equipment designed to amp up the ambiance for your next party. They meld both music and lighting to create a compelling sensory display adapted to your event.

You can also opt for an impressive visual backdrop thanks to our giant screens and LED wall that will inevitably capture the attention of guests and give them an unforgettable experience. The content that is broadcasted may be curated to fit the purpose of your event.

Our DJs are tech-savvy and artistically gifted. They’re trained to run both mediums in harmony to bring you a vivacious ambiance fit to your requirements. To guarantee the flow of your evening without any glitches, our DJ is accompanied by our ace technicians that operate in utter discretion while the party continues in full swing.

Want to add one or more of our high-quality equipment to your next event? We offer rentals for our lighting, LED wall, screens and projectors.

Guaranteed entertainment & satisfaction

From DJ to MC, from sound, lighting and to all other necessary arrangements, we take care of all the details so you don’t have to worry about a single thing. Nothing is left to chance and we at SYNC take pride in assisting you throughout the entire process. We also offer event management services to help alleviate the stress of coordinating all scales of events.

We guarantee full customer satisfaction to each and every one of our esteemed corporate clients. In order to ensure a smooth and pleasant customer experience, we schedule meetings well in advance to iron out the details where you can communicate all your requests and expectations. Your input is paramount when it comes to all the different areas of planning (food, seating arrangements, staging, electrical connections, etc).

Feel free to specify any music, games and entertainment preferences you have in mind and we’ll do everything in our power to accommodate your wishes. Also, our team of project managers are always ready and available for a consultation while planning your event. Inquire with our specialists for inspiring ideas to spice up your next party.

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