Each corporate event is special in its own way which is why it’s so important to capture each moment and to create memories in print and film.

Professional photos and videos from your event will allow you and your guests to relive all the funny, touching and iconic moments. You can also share the pictures and footage with other branches of your company, customers, suppliers, partners and use the content for promotional purposes.

Our photographers and videographers are extremely attentive to your needs and oversee the coverage of your event, whether it be it a convention, gala, corporate party, fundraiser, product launch or any other type of celebration. No matter the setting, our team uses its creativity and attention to detail to capture all your precious moments.

The main mission of SYNC’s corporate photographer is to meet the needs of your business. We employ media professionals that will happily capture each frame, from beginning, until the very last minute of your event. The objective of our team of skilled photographers and videographers is to capture the important moments of your event.

If you wish, they can immortalize the entire celebration, or in part, depending on your requirements. In addition, you can also request a live broadcast of the evening on a giant screen.

Our Corporate Photographer & Videographer Services


From the first meeting

Because all of your requests count, a project manager attached to your event will contact you to learn about your company and its upcoming event. We use this opportunity to discuss your company’s values, projects and ambitions. Knowing about your philosophy and goals helps our photographers capture moments that resonate with your brand’s image.

When it comes to the event, we inquire about your preferences in terms of photo and / or video coverage and we try to gather details of the utmost precision. It’s important for us to be updated with regards to the event’s programming so that we can ensure timely professional interventions.

Our ace photographers and videographers will do their best to shoot every photo and video in harmony with your company’s values. They combine their technical ability and artistic talents that make all the difference in the final product.

Choosing your style of photos & videos
We can take different styles of photos and videos for your corporate events. The specifics with regards to the content are decided in agreement with you. Our photographers and videographers will respect these guidelines and submit, in turn, their final images to you.

You’ll have images to choose from: individual shots, groups photos, portraits and artistic overviews… Our repertoire of event photos and videos will not only be beautiful in presentation but they will also capture the mood, emotions and triumphs of your guests.

Beyond the spontaneous moments that occur over the course of an evening, we can also stage certain photos and videos, at the request of our clients and with the collaboration of the participants. Our team is approchable, professional and inviting which goes a long way in encouraging guests to join in the photo and video sessions.

A more independent alternative is the very popular and crowd pleasing party photobooth. It’s the ideal way to bring the fun! Your guests can really let loose, wear various accessories and take fun pictures. Our photobooth brings both a touch of originality and enjoyment to your event.

Please let us know your preferences so that we can do the best job for you.

Event photographer and videographer

Private or professional, our photographer and videographer are responsible of immortalizing your event. Every event is unique and represents a moment in time until the next event comes along. Media coverage therefore gives you the chance to relive it as many times as you want. Given the popularity of online and social media sharing platforms, you are able to share your images without any space-time constraint.

Our team of media professionals highlight all the key moments of the evening. They can cover everything from behind the scenes preparations to the actual roll-out of the event. Capture all the key moment such as:
Guests arrival;

  • Speeches
  • Awards ceremony
  • Entertainment & performances;
  • Appreciation speech…
  • Every emotion and valuable moment is captured by our committed photographers.
  • They record everything, with discretion and professionalism and are constantly on the lookout for every important detail.

Given their vast experience and expertise, our photographers and videographers are able to identify key moments in an event and capture it on camera. This is a very important skill given that events are fast-paced and sometimes unpredictable.

Professional video editing

On D-Day, our photographers and videographers take hundreds of photos and hours of video footage. This content will not be delivered raw, but will be refined and honed to perfection.

Our professionals develop an understanding based on a brand’s philosophy and the photos and videos they’ve collected. They then create a montage that captures the essence and message behind your event.

Whether it’s coverage for a private or corporate event, our narrative is honest and authentic. If you would like to add a more personal take to your media coverage, we’re can also conduct interviews with chosen guests. As a part of our offer, we can deliver a souvenir video, a video presentation or a promotional video.

Don’t hesitate to share your requests and preferences and feel free to ask us for more information regarding our general photography & videography services. No event is too big or too small; each event matters and deserves worthy coverage. Our photographers and event videographers will work tirelessly to highlight the key moments of your celebration.

The Benefits of Corporate Photography & Video Coverage

It is said that “a picture is worth a thousand words” – and this quote truly applies to the art of corporate photography and video coverage.

Corporate photography and videography, are a means of communication and can be used to promote the image of the company through promotional activities designed to enhance your activities, products, services and endeavors. This content can also be leveraged through different channels: Television, advertisement, press, online and many more.

The distribution of these images gives you the opportunity to stand out from your competitors by simply sharing your mission and successes with the public. Moreover, it will give you increased visibility by publicly featuring your company and collaborators.

Corporate media coverage speaks for itself. It’s a testament to the growth of your company, the cohesion of your team and of course, your achievements. In this context, having good quality images and footage is a must. This is precisely what SYNC’s team guarantees you.

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