Want to broadcast images and videos during an event? SYNC allows you to choose from their extensive selection of event management solutions. We offer projector rentals in Montreal, Laval and across Quebec. For guaranteed customer satisfaction, entrust your projects to our team of professionals, and we’ll take care of all your needs.

When choosing a projector for an event

The projector is an equipment that you can rent for any type of event. Not sure about which type of equipment you might need? Need more information about the difference in products? Tell us about your event and its requirements. We’ll submit the best solutions that correspond with your request.

With SYNC Productions, you have the option to rent a projector for the purpose of your next conference or convention. If you are looking for high-performance equipment with high resolution to impress your guests, contact us today to discuss the best rental options for you. Also, If you are planning an event in a large venue, you could, for example, rent a digital projector.

Renting a projector from SYNC Productions

This equipment is of great use for companies especially during conferences and meetings. Projectors can help make the mood more dynamic, upbeat and more personal amongst family and friends. As far as meetings are concerned, you may want to consider renting LED floodlights.

SYNC Production also offers an outdoor video projector rental service for celebrations such as movies under the stars.

Your satisfaction is the greatest motivation for us at SYNC. Therefore, we’ll happily advise you on the rental of a projector best suited to your project and with your best interest in mind. Our technical team then takes care of the installation and ensures proper functioning of the loaned equipment.

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