A well executed and designed visual presentation of an event can be its strength as it has the capacity to engage an audience and create a more captivating atmosphere. Several pieces of equipment can be used in this context.

At SYNC, we offer giant screen rentals for presentations and picture and video displays.

Screen & video projector rentals

Video projectors are essential to broadcast images and videos during events. At SYNC, we offer all our clients the most advanced equipment in terms of projectors and screens and guarantee the best results. We also provide technical support to ensure your event runs smoothly.

Giant outdoor screen rentals

Add ambiance to your outdoor event with the rental of a giant LED screen that will be the main attraction. Ideal for outdoor movie nights, you can either stream live content or play videos. It is also a particularly effective method of communication medium, notably for a product unveiling or project. announcement.

For all your screen rental needs, we take care of everything and offer direct support from the planning to the execution of your event. In addition to providing the screens, we also take care of prop, sound and other equipment rentals.

SYNC Productions is at your disposal and can help you achieve a successful corporate event by offering the best and most reliable solutions. Our years of experience in the world of events has allowed us partake our know-how and expertise with our clients. Contact us for details, information and pricing for screens, projectors, LED walls, lighting and sound equipment to make your event a huge success.

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