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Léa Jarry

Born in Baie-St-Paul, singer Léa Jarry has been active on the Quebec scene for more than a decade, both with her songs and through major variety shows, also collaborating with several renowned artists such as chorister for tours that have taken her to the four corners of the country. She now devotes herself fully to her composition project with the mini-album Entre temps which brings together four original and unpublished pieces, released in May 2019. The songs evoke a period of her life rich in emotions, between the time when she had to leave her landmarks (her 29 Saint-Adolphe, her lifelong friends, her first love, her family) to get closer to her dreams and the moment when these finally took shape. The texts highlight her vision of love in all its forms, to the sound of intimate and nostalgic country folk. Raising excellent reviews, the compositions of the singer-songwriter know how to touch souls and conquer hearts. Authentic, touching and warm, Léa Jarry opens the door to her poetic universe and to the pieces of life that have colored her deep nature.

« Le country folk de Léa Jarry est nimbé d’une lumière chaude et rassurante, que les mélodies légèrement galopantes diffusent paisiblement. »

Ici Musique

« La douceur est omniprésente dans la musique de Léa Jarry […] l’habillage sonore est riche et discret. Une musicienne intrigante. »

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