Sound is a key element contributing to the overall success of your event. For your celebrations in Montreal and the surrounding area, you can count on SYNC Productions for a sound system fit for your needs.

We offer high quality sound equipment designed for a perfect evening of entertainment. We also provide you with our experts in technical direction who will handle and operate the equipment.

Renting speakers

The very first piece of sound equipment you should consider are speakers. Speakers are sound cases that are composed of several loudspeakers. The choice of speakers will depend on the intensity of sound required relative to the space it needs to fill.

The projection of highs, basses and sharp tones is to be considered when choosing a sound system for your chosen venue and atmosphere or, in the case of a conference, the size of the room and audience.

There are several different types of speakers and our friendly experts will help you in choosing the right one. We’d love to know the specifics with regards to your event so that our technicians can adjust the different settings accordingly.

Renting microphones

In terms of accessories, we also carry microphones which are an essential tool for a public speaker, host or lecturer. When renting, different factors must then be taken into account. How many microphones do you need? What is the power source? What type of microphone? With or without a wire? Who will be using it? Our team is attentive to your needs and will advise you and provide for you exactly what you need.

Sound Equipment Rentals

Beyond the standard equipment, there is a wide range of material you may need. We also offer mixing consoles so you can get the sound effects, such as echo control.

Mixing boards are also an essential tool for DJs to create an animated musical vibe at your next event. If you want to create a more retro feel, our turntables are also available for rent.

Looking for a sound rental in Montreal and the surrounding area? We at SYNC are happy to accommodate your needs and what’s more, we’re pleased to put an expert team at your disposal. Feel free to ask us about our different sound equipment options.

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