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Team Building Event Planning

Team building activities can take on different approaches. It can take the form of games, teamwork initiatives or problem solving challenges. Whichever format you may choose, one commonality remains: Group participation. Everyone must contribute in order to succeed.

Team building has become very popular since its inception in the early 1980s. Today, it’s a concept widely adopted by companies wishing to encourage a pro-active company culture. The goal is quite simple: Strengthen relations between employees at different levels of the company.

Team building has far-reaching benefits. In fact, beyond the shared camaraderie, team building activities help increase motivation, reinforce team spirit and create a sense of belonging.

Through group activities, participants have the opportunity to get to know each other outside of their work roles. They also take part in confidence and teamwork building exercises in a relaxed atmosphere. Each person is mobilized for the group and nurtures habits that are extremely productive from a day-to-day business perspective.

Team Building Objectives

Team building is interesting because the objectives are wide-ranging, like the following:

  • Develop cohesion within the team;
  • Welcome newcomers and facilitate their integration;
  • Stimulate group thinking by involving individuals in service of the group;
  • Defuse latent or existing conflicts outside of the company framework;
  • Encourage motivation, both individually and collectively
  • Communicate and foster a sense of belonging.

A team building program can include different types of interesting activities, such as:

  • Fun activities, namely games that involve role play are not only fun, but also reveal possible dysfunctions in the group dynamic;
  • Shared activities where everyone can express themselves while listening to others;
  • Creative activities in which collaborators use their imagination and explore their hidden artistic talents in painting or drawing, for example;
  • Performance type activities during which everyone can show off their sometimes surprising hidden talents such as singing or dancing.

Some examples of activities for your team building event

SYNC Productions can assist you in organizing your team building events by suggesting and coordinating interesting activities to improve relationships and foster communication among your teams.

Here are some ideas you can integrate into the program:


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