Advances in technology give you the ability to organize live and online events. You can then continue to communicate effectively, even in the event of geographic constraints.

For the smooth running of these events and to guarantee the satisfaction of all the participants when the time comes, it is essential to call on experienced professionals who have the know-how and equipment necessary to ensure the organization and preparation. At SYNC Productions, we are offering a new virtual event planning service.

What are the reasons for organizing virtual events?

Conferences, meetings, virtual galas, or even live webcasting allow you to target and reach participants all around the world. Interested parties only have to simply register and connect to the dedicated platform on the day of to attend or participate in the event. This option reduces costs associated with logistics costs and spatial constraints. Finally, it is practical in certain circumstances where it is advisable to stay at home, such as during a pandemic or in a time of war.

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We offer our services for the organization of conferences, workshops, or even virtual conventions congresses. Our technicians have the skills to broadcast several conferences live and simultaneously.

Each room can accommodate around 10,000 participants and around 100 presenters. We also take care of all the technical aspects as well as the testing steps to ensure the satisfaction of all participants when the time comes.

It is even possible to add live Q&A sessions after the various meetings. The presence of a moderator will prevent disorder of any kind.

Finally, we record all or part of the lectures, according to your needs. Also note that we can take care of the registration process, whether it is free or paid.


We also organize festive or lucrative events, such as fundraisers, prize giveaways, or even virtual galas. For this service, we take care of everything and provide high quality live internet streaming.

It is possible to share several types of content, including videos, PowerPoints, or Bumpers. The difference? All the participants — that is to say the facilitators, the guests and the audience — access the event and intervene from their homes.

On our end, we also manage everything remotely. All you have to do is submit your request via the site to get more information about our services and to contact us.


Are you organizing a training course, a conference, or a seminar and want to broadcast it on the Internet? We provide a live webcasting service for your virtual events. We take care of the registration, whether it is paid or free. It is possible to hold an event in several rooms simultaneously, the latter having the option of assigned tables.

You can give the audience an opportunity to ask questions at the end of the session. We provide you with an efficient moderator, and we can also record the video conference if needed. Finally, we have the option of organizing votes via the Internet.

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We provide you with a recording studio for webinars if you want your virtual events to take place in a setting well-suited to the theme. We offer several customizable scenes in our studios. You can also allow invitees to actively participate in the meeting or seminar from wherever they are. Finally, we provide live streaming on a private, secure platform or on Facebook, Twitch, or YouTube if you wish.

Why call on SYNC Productions to organize your virtual events?

SYNC Productions takes care of the coordination of your virtual events. We can take care of the practical and logistical aspects.

Our qualified technicians are dedicated and competent. They are attentive to your needs and will propose a solution that is fully adapted to your expectations. We also provide the highest quality equipment.

Then, our full service takes all the stress out of organizing your event. You can thus concentrate on the essentials of the event itself — the themes to be addressed or the duration of each session. You still have so much to prepare! Finally, we offer reasonable rates. Please do not hesitate to submit your request to us!

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