Communication knows no boundaries. Neither spatial nor temporal. You can, in fact, connect through different channels and send messages, advice and any other type of information that you want to make known by your customers, your partners, your employees or simply the general public. With the advent of new technologies and the Internet, communication becomes even easier and there are a thousands of ways to spread share your ideas, products or services.

SYNC Productions offers you a modern communication method that allows you to reach your audience wherever you want, whenever you want. This is possible thanks to online broadcasting. In jargon, we use the term « Webcasting ». But it is also possible to organize a webinar with this same technology.

What is Webcasting?

Webcasting is therefore a very popular modern communication technique which is gaining more and more popularity today whether in both large and small companies. As the name suggests, this is defined as the broadcast of live video or audio content over the Web to one or more participants.

Webcasting is used in many fields including the promotion of products or services, online courses or trainings, conferences, seminars, relations to connect with investors, and employees or for general meetings. Depending on the needs and requirements of each scenario, various functionalities can be offered. It is therefore possible that the audience (in this case Internet users who watch the Webcast) interacts directly with the speaker via message or video.

It is interesting to note that broadcasting is generally done live, but it is entirely possible and recommended to offer a Webcast on demand. It all depends on your goals.

Benefits for the public

The public has the possibility to attend any conference, seminar or training that they consider useful or interesting, whatever no matter their geographic location. Note, however, that you must take into account the coverage area of the event, but in general, network reception is still possible for all those who have Internet access.

Webcasting also allows Internet users to save money. Some would indeed be obliged to make significant trips to be able to attend conferences, seminars or simply to have information on a product or service without this innovative and avant-garde method of communication.

The right preparation for a Webcast

It is important to well prepare your Webcast in order to make sure everything is going according to plan. Entrust the organization of this online event to SYNC Productions. A team of technicians is mobilized to make your needs and expectations a reality. Different elements are taken into account:

You must establish the maximum number of spectators. This can range from a few people to several thousand participants. At the same time, the scope of the event must be defined. Will it only bring together members of the company? Will it be regional, national or global distribution?

In addition to launching and managing registrations, you can select various features that allow the public to interact with the speaker if necessary.

Regarding the Webcast itself, it will be composed of your chosen content. You provide the content, we take care of the form structure, always taking into account your specifications.
In order for individuals to benefit from online broadcasting, we make sure that it can be accessible from several platforms or browsers.

Fixed or mobile station for your webcast sessions

Today, Webcasting is an integral part of companies’ communication strategy or even marketing plan.

For your specific needs, we offer the rental of a mobile station that is at your entire disposal, for the time of a meeting, a conference or even a launch.

Depending on your budget and your objectives, you can set up a fixed office station, from which you will periodically or regularly provide your online broadcasts. This solution is handy for managing your webcast sessions more easily.

We can support you on these types of projects, through a full range of permanent equipment for which we can provide installation, maintenance and any troubleshooting required.

Here are our possible interventions in terms of fixed or mobile station:
Setup of institutional equipment
Facilities in meeting rooms
Layout of classrooms

Setup of institutional equipment

Are you planning to record or broadcast a debate, an announcement or even a conference? We provide you with the best equipment for an event of this scale with the assistance of an experienced technical team.

We take care of all the installations on the institutional institution’s premises for a Webcast in the best conditions, always with respect to your budgetary and technical constraints.

Meeting room facilities

We can install equipment in your meeting rooms according to your needs. Whether it be for companies, communities and other organizations, we leverage our expertise and experience for optimal layout of your premises.

High-definition screens and quality audio equipment or even video projectors will allow you to captivate your audience during your presentations and speeches.

Layout of classrooms

We contribute to the optimization of the learning environment of students by installing audiovisual materials for educational purposes such as video projectors or microphones.

A turnkey solution for your Webcast with SYNC Productions

SYNC Productions can take care of the design and implementation of your Webcast. We will be happy to advise you on the best steps to take in preparation for your online event.

We are present at all stages from registration to the actual roll-out, without forgetting the management of essential equipment (selection, installation, maintenance, etc.). We can take care of everything.

In any case, we make every effort to offer the best experience to your audience, immersing the participants in a real conference atmosphere.

SYNC Studio

In the current era, virtual connections have never been more important in running of your business, council or outreach. At SYNC Productions we have everything you need to make an impression.

Introducing SYNC Studios: Our state-of-the-art studio paired with our incomparable technical team to bring you a versatile service perfect for recording or streaming of your important communications, whether it be an artist demo, a corporate presentation, an interview, a tutorial …

In short, the equipment is at your disposal. Use the video wall (led wall) which makes a suitable backdrop to enhance the decor of your environment or to present videos, PowerPoint, photos to support your presentation.

Everything will be managed by our experienced technical team so that you get the desired result. Note that it is possible to modulate the video wall to accommodate the medium of your presentation.

Taking into consideration the ever-changing situation as it relates to the « deconfinement », all our services are adapted to the rules and regulations enforced by the Quebec Government and remain within the boundaries of social distancing measures.

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