LED walls have become an essential form of display technology for galas, conferences product launches and conventions.

It’s also an impressive tool for creating ambiance during an event by providing seamless image quality regardless of lighting or whether it’s an indoor or outdoor setting.

LED walls offer optimal picture resolution in image and video and scalability thanks to the customizable high-definition lighting panels.

We at SYNC offer an exclusive rental service for this innovative equipment that will surely impress your guests and help convey important messages. SYNC Productions offers high quality LED wall equipment with optimal characteristics for such as:

  • Stunning visual support for presentations to large audiences during conferences, galas, sporting and cultural events
  • Create an electric atmosphere during shows and performances;
  • Broadcast video footage in real time;
  • Share branding, information and advertisements

The LED wall offers an endless list of interesting possibilities. Let us know what your expectations are and we’ll decipher the feasibility of your project and the best ideas to be implemented to fulfill your needs.

For a unique experience

The LED wall is a practical and decorative screen that is suitable for different types of events such as:

  • Trade Shows
  • Live Performances
  • Conferences
  • Outdoor parties
  • General broadcasting

SYNC guarantees the performance of our high quality rental accessories, its installation and smooth operation by our expert technical team. As mentioned, our LED wall is adaptable for all types of events and spaces. Dazzle audiences with an original and exceptional visual experience.

LED billboard advertising panel

Reach a larger audience by choosing SYNC Productions for eye-catching graphic designs and LED billboard installations that can either be built-in or suspended.

One of the more advantageous components of LED panels is that they emit a soft and pleasant light. Moreover, the billboard provides clear image quality in daylight as well as by night. It’s a particularly effective tool to market and advertise products, services, projects, announcements, missions and values statements for your company or organization during corporate events.

Outdoor LED screen

Our LED screen that has been specially designed to be installed outdoors is also available for rent. It delivers high quality images regardless of ambient light. In addition, it’s resistant to weather conditions, even in the case of heavy rain. It’s particularly suitable for outdoor events such as sporting events, cultural activities, exhibitions and even live shows.

In order to broadcast content on the LED screen, it must be connected to a computer or a camera in the case of a live feed.

SYNC is proud to offer state-of-the-art equipment like models of our outdoor LED screens designed to fit your requirements. In addition to LED walls, we offer a wide array of equipment rentals ranging from sound to lighting that may be of interest to you when planning your next event.

Rent the best sound, lighting and LED equipment in Montreal from SYNC Productions. Feel free to contact us to discuss options, rates and any inquiries.

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